New Shoes Blues

Kids say the darndest things!

New Shoes Blues

At long last I’ve got my new shoes

Now it’s time to take them on a cruise

I know my mommy won’t be amused

When I tell her she bought the wrong sized shoes.

She asked me twice if they were ok

Not really, but I made her pay for them anyway

Now not a word to her I dare not say

They were the last pair left on sale that day.

My BFF told me they would stretch

I shouldn’t have listened to her, that wretch

‘They will feel better soon’ was what she said

Now my poor little feet are all blistered and red.

I just knew I’d look totally cool

I’d be the only one to have them in my entire school

They say beauty pains and for me that’s true

I wouldn’t listen to that nonsense if I were you.

Is there a band-aid or something I could use?

I just need to get rid of these new shoes blues.

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