Never to Be Forsaken

by Ruben Gonzales about a month ago in surreal poetry

He Sent Me An Angel

Never to Be Forsaken

Our life was once like a flame//

Lit from the beginning, we didn't go astray//

Filled with dreams, we let light show the way//

In the heat of the moment, demeanor and word play//

Couldn't see past our emotions our light was getting dimmer//

Between foggy mirrors the reflection was getting clearer//

I could almost see, the stained tracks of her tears//

Slowly slipping off of her face, as I got nearer//

Understanding, finally, the mistakes of my ways//

This tongue is a double edged sword, hurts many in its wake//

I can't take back my reactions but my intentions are made//

This heart is open as bruised as it is, will you still take my name//

I came to you abused and neglected//

Abandoned with scars, I hold nightmares of being shaken//

I remember the blood glistening, filling up as a puddle wondering what should I be thinking//

Free to go like a sparrow but I knew where I was being taken//

This life I have lived, I was living satan//

Then god sent me you for it was you who I needed//

Never To Be Forsaken

surreal poetry
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Ruben Gonzales

I write for poetry, for life, to take one's understanding so much deeper then that they know of. I tell the stories with a meaning thats beyond with a feeling that will pull you in.

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