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Neon Rain

Dull Deceiver

By A PPublished 5 years ago 1 min read

Deep sighs and disbelief that I’ll never see the light of day, another world crumbles as I search for another place to stay. Like a cemetery is the quiet place for the dead, my room is another casket I’ll probably never leave again. Sorrow keeps weeping as I keep seeking tomorrows reality to sleep in, today’s yet another day I probably won’t find something else to believe in. Nightmares and dead stars keep crying for some bloodlust, all these thoughts that I cram in my head never leave it’s unjust. Never believed in Jesus, if there was I hope he’d see this and believe this pain I caught my self in and lead us. I always appreciated pain, like there was something to gain from this pain I always strained to sustain. Hope is another word, another word to look out for, another word to avoid to avoid being let down more. I try so my best to be positive, but every time I try my compostive appositive mind drifts to the opposite. Why do we stress the hate, when in fact we should stress our fate. World is a human eater, designed to be a poison breather, falling for its trap like a fever dreamer redeeming it self from its dull deceiver. The neon rain sweeps over my shoulder looking for another boulder to uncover.

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I am a wrider and puet. I like vido gams and haven fan. I like mosec and playen getar. Yeh.

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