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Does this mean I can call you home?

By Valentine VampirePublished about a month ago 4 min read

Fresh morning dew, baby blue jay is chirping just for you.

They’ve been waiting, and you have many things to do

"Are you ready to fly big human?

Are you ready to know what a life like mine is like?"

I’ve got to Spread these tired wings and fly


Looking back at the cracked brown door. My bed made inside.

All the things I’d loved and lost.

looking once more at the faded chestnut trees and dusty grass

where I’m going?

I don’t know

I’ll stop when I know,

this is a place I can call home.


Got 40 in the tank

father doesn’t know I’ve left, but he always knew I gotta go


Blind tears in my eyes

God watch over those who I’ve sacrificed my life for,

And let me fly


I drove through Texas...

Not much to see

Tumbleweeds, windmills, and unfulfilled dreams

No, this ain’t the place for me.

The winds of the northeast blowing me across the plains

State lines don’t mean much to me,

especially when you don’t have much and you’re on your own,

but you have wings and you just learned they can fly


New Mexico, Grants

I’ll rest my wee head

Got rooms with two beds and heard they even got something free to eat.

Far from the city lights

But not far from sleepless nights


Morning chill and the smell of coffee beans

the level of the land is beginning to rise

streets become hills and soon, the hills will become mountains

On the motel balcony, I sway over the rails

Many thoughts race inside my head


A quiet start? A simple life

running to the grocery? Maybe be someone’s wife?

A thought, pretty in my head

Does this mean I can call you home?

A thought, that I left with the room key sitting on the bed


A familiar song, my little friend has found me!

Are you ready to fly big human?

I looked out to the land, bag in hand

yes, my friend, I’m not ready to stop just yet.

and so,

we flew




Words that fall so sweetly down my lips

Turquoise, trees of Emerald Green, and those big bright buildings that read jackpot in neon lights

miles and miles of music and the painted desert

A little shop just off Highway 40

Dinosaur statues and Tippies where the children run and hide

I’ll stop for a second, and maybe two


A woman named Denise sits down and cleans her jewels

“Welcome in darling take a look around and touch what you like”

I shot her a smile and counted the change in my bag

10 dollars to spare till the next station

a knife in the shape of a bullet and I’m in Love

A quaint little shop in a quaint little state

New life and fresh air, is now the time to stop the run?

A thought,

does this mean I can call you home?


My singing friend, sitting outside on my car windshield, wondering if I’m ready to go.

left Denise the 10 and headed out the door, more poor but more rich

Are you ready to fly big human?

I looked back at the little shop and the soil I’d found to love

yes, my friend,

I’m ready to fly


On the mother road and nowhere to hide

140 miles of road

dusty winds and bright blue skies.

Across the bridge and into the golden state that you may call,



A state like none I've ever seen before

mountains as high as the heavens

sapphire blue sky

Straight from the pictures

Trees like none I'd ever seen

palms, oaks, and those I do not know the names


what is this land that I have briefly met, but feel like I know?

I’ve never seen the sea, and I’m 20 minutes down the street

aquamarine and jewel-toned blue dream

Warm sand gets familiar to the crevices and lines in my toes

Here I can see the stars during the day, they dance and play on the top of the ocean's surface

Glistening, bright white diamonds I'm gonna call stars


Big human, are we stopping for the night? Or shall we fly some more?

That’s the thought,

to stay, or to keep moving

my feet in the water, icy cold, but burns me, blue flame.

This is Home.


My little friend kissed my salty blushed cheek, waving goodbye as they flew toward the sea

Never forgetting the lessons and dreams we keep, the night has fallen onto our journey

But we'll meet again that I’m sure, on the open road or here on the shore

We’ll fly again

but for now

I've found a place where I no longer have to run

1500 miles and I found my home where I'll reside

In the land where the sea meets the sky,

Where I'll go tomorrow or next year, I’m sure I'll figure all that out

but for now

I can call you,


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Valentine Vampire

A collection of poetry and short stories :3

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    Valentine VampireWritten by Valentine Vampire

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