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by Duanyell Williams 5 years ago in performance poetry
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"Anuptaphobia Monster"

It's fine


For me to expect more would be silly

I chase any shining soul that catches my eye with my hand outstretched

Holding my still beating

Black-blood bleeding heart

I seek to corrupt a work of art

I'm too repulsive

Too compulsive

Sudden movements scare the ugly shepard's sacred lamb

What entity would accept me as I am?

I'm this...



Unnatural thing.

Neglecting all for a means to an end I can never achieve

I've let myself die

I'll kill myself every time

It almost feels good

I see a friend in the Reaper with his hood

Don't deceive me

Please me

Please be another to see me as I am

Run far pure white, little lamb

Grim things carve my soul to crave your flesh

Escape this addict



Run fast!

You're fucking pressed

I'm feeling blessed


Edging descent with my teeth bared

I know you're scared

But baby, I don't care

I'm inconsiderate

This is deliberate

So scream

Scream over the snakes

They're singing

They feed me venom with their songs

The lyrics are lies

But they cover things I despise

I love them with blind eyes

They're so good

They're no good

Toxins make black your heart like mine

Oh darling, always shine

Don't lose your mind in the iodine field

Don't you yield

I'm heating up

Purple gas is amuck

Don't close your eyes

Don't close your eyes

I'm in disguise

I'm in the skies

Pitch black wings spread far and wide

Don't try to hide

Don't you try to hide



I hate myself for having fun

This isn't fun

This isn't right


It's just the sight.

Your pale skin glowing white with fright

This isn't right, but I love it

The aesthetic is beloved and there's nothing above it

Enter the lone doll

Head tall


Never wrong

Completely at peace in solitude

Laying in a field, looking at a sky of blue

All princes be blessed

I impose to duress

Turn the blooms to black shards

I wanna see you run far

Baby, baby

Run far

Run hard

Blatantly inspired

Don't you retire

I conspire against your being

I'm all seeing and expressive

But I'm irrational and obsessive

I can't describe what I see in you

I don't know what to do

It's true

I could dip you in roux and eat you up

I want you dark and corrupt

I want to walk with you through the rungs of "Gradus Amoris"

I don't care how arduous

I just want to see you fall

All in all

I always win

I'm not your friend

It's written in my crooked grin


Fly above me, dove

Your wings will break

Your neck will ache

Plunge into my arms

Drown and never be harmed

Don't slow!

Don't be charmed

Can't you tell?

An angel fell

And you're an


A reflection with no protection

So quake

I'm insidious

I'll cause your mind to break

I'm a fastidious rake

You're a distraction

A means of escape

I'll open you like a book

I'll drape your lungs over my shoulder

You'll need my presence to breathe

You see, you'll cede to heart to me

So just run

Jump the gun

It's okay

You're the prey of something beautifully monstrous

It wants you to fade


Become a macabre thing

Will you sing when you can't see?

Can't see that you're undesirable like me

performance poetry

About the author

Duanyell Williams

I like to tell stories.

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