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Nauset Beach

by Sarahmarie Specht-Bird 2 months ago in surreal poetry

A misty summer sonnet

Nauset Beach
Photo by Kelly Sikkema on Unsplash

We drive an hour northward up the coast,

horizon bathed in fog just out of sight.

This kind of day makes one believe in ghosts

who haunt the salty air beneath the light.

We are the only tourists here today

because the wind is full of autumn’s cold.

The path runs round the tower and away

into the woods, ground soft on muddy soles.

There is no line between the past and now

as though the rules have all but been erased,

as if the sea is magical somehow,

existing in the cracks of time and space.

My eyes fly open and the sense is gone,

as morning claims the wild dreams of dawn.

Nauset Beach Lighthouse, Cape Cod, Massachusetts - July 2010

surreal poetry
Sarahmarie Specht-Bird
Sarahmarie Specht-Bird
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