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Nature's Whispers

Hush, listen!

By Mary Ann DenmanPublished 2 months ago 1 min read

The rustle of leaves in the breeze,

A sound from days gone by,

The chirping of birds, a symphony,

A melody in the sky.

But do you remember,

The whispering of the pines,

As they swayed in the forest,

With sunlight filtering through the vines?

It's a sound so soft and low,

You might miss it if you're not near,

But listen closely, and you'll hear,

Memories of days gone by, my dear.

It's a sound that's hard to describe,

Like a tune played on a flute,

It's a symphony of nature,

That fills the heart with nostalgic hoot.

It's a sound that brings peace,

And a sense of calm within,

It's a sound that reminds us,

Of a simpler time, and a gentler spin.

So next time you're in the woods,

And the wind is blowing through,

Listen closely for the whispering,

Of the pines, and let memories renew.

surreal poetrynature poetryinspirational

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  • Novel Allen2 months ago

    Wonderful poem Mary.

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