Natty... Dread

by Inure Muse 2 months ago in slam poetry


Rise up, out of mental, oppression. There's no such thing as depression, just a jaded, "one-eyed-vision", responsible for the death, of the human spirit...

And freedom of expression.

Human, degradation.

Mark of a Babylon,


Disguised as Zion...

Melancholy, Matrix...

Rockafella feast

Blood of Orion...

Water from wine, bread, from stone...

Work, humanity,

all the descendants of the stars, and their copper-colored, creators, to the bones.

Relieve them of their history, Give them chains in lieu of thrones.

Liquidate their ancestry...

Melt their crown.👑Devise a concept called, race to replace, the smile (on their face) and unity, with frowns. Leave them in utter disgrace,

drive them all into the ground. Poison their minds, with hate. Abandon their desires to emancipate.

Infect the needle, to their arm, of faith.

Disguise it as a cure... and tell them, most earnestly, that you...

"come in peace."

While the rest of us either die from chemotherapy, AIDS... drugs, the streets or some other disease. Erode our pasts...

Borrow, and trade the people, and cultures like sports players,

or Pokemon cards!

Introduce, "the projects," and tight spaces, jail cells, guns, crack, heroine, coke and more guns

Take bets on how long, before we kill ourselves off.

Replace the scrolls, with Pedophile fools, who enforce, and endorse their man-made rules. While they kill each other, in the name of our borrowed cultures... Suck the Oil , pick the meat, leave the earth dead on proverbial feet.

Search for Mars in defeat.

We, senseless fools.

How long will you let them use you as tools. Teach you, that prescribed nonsense, they call education, in your schools.

Natty... Congo... Rasta live up... dread.

Descendants of King David,

I and I resistant, brethren, Kinsmen.

Rise. We are not dead! Abolish the construct called, racism, and

fools-gold ideas out your head.

Wake up from your slumber. Open your eyes.

Rise, from your beds.

Walk towards the light.

Unify the masses, with the facts. Knowledge is the blade required to make your foe, believe

you are beyond a fight.

Lay down your arms. Protect your culture, your people, your home, and nature, all beings.

Stand up unite.

Connect yourselves... elevate your mind!

Cognitively connect to your cosmic creator.

Our job on this planet if to protect all beings, survive, maintain, share, inspire... live on with each other.

We live to love... not to fight

it's time, we do humanity, nature and all beings right.

Open the vault of truth and give out the bars of life.

Share out the tree and branches of life, to the adults, straight back to the youth, alike.

Power will always be in the people. Not determined, by the smoke, streaming from any mans steeple.

Will you be guided by wolves...

instead, of Sheppard the "sheeple"?

©✏👁Ⓜ "The Muse"... xo💋#SAMO©👉🏾 "Do I have 2 Spell it out⁉"🎨🖼

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