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Namaste Here

Wanna get cozy with COVID? I’ll wave at you from my window

By Denise SheltonPublished 3 years ago 1 min read
Namaste Here
Photo by Slava on Unsplash

There once was a global pandemic

Whoever could sheltered inside

We didn’t go out to the movies

Or jump on a carnival ride

The dry cleaning sat uncollected

The library books on the shelves

We sanitized hands and canceled our plans

Protecting our others, ourselves

We sang as we scrubbed our hands briskly

Or counted hippopotami

We wore masks to pick up tamales

And abandoned all reasons to fly

Income for some was a memory

Millions sent scraping for cash

While the wealthy elite hung on to their seat

On a Kilimanjaro-sized stash

Patience is truly a virtue

Not everyone’s blessed to possess

Anxious and bored some grew weary

So you know what they did? Can you guess?

They made up their minds that the virus

Could be banished by showing no fear

They went to the shore, to parties and more

And risked all our lives for a beer

No matter that cases were spiking

No matter if people would die

They just would pretend that it’s over

Well, to them, I will bid my buh-bye!

“Namaste home,” reads my t-shirt

No, I’m gonna stay home so, just go

And I do wish you well if you’re bound straight to Hell

Or to Heaven (but I don’t think so)

You might think my life’s almost over

But I want what I’ve got left, you see

Screw you and the dope you rode in with

You do you, just don't do it to me

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About the Creator

Denise Shelton

Denise Shelton writes on a variety of topics and in several different genres. Frequent subjects include history, politics, and opinion. She gleefully writes poetry The New Yorker wouldn't dare publish.

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