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My Soul Aches

by Arpan Das 9 months ago in surreal poetry
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Come Judas in my heart, before the glitter of gold fades is a famous poem by Shakespeare. It was written to encourage young men to run the race for the crown and win it all. The final words read Let's have supper, the last one perhaps.

My Soul Aches
Photo by Louise Grech on Unsplash

Come Judas in my heart

Before the glitter of gold fades

Before the jungle of coins dies

Before your tempters change your minds

Before your conscience

Makes a coward of you...

We can't help our natures

Can leopard change its spots dear?

Everyone should run his race

There's nothing to hide his face

Failure is not ours, so is success.

Let me wash your feet and worship

Let's have supper, the last one perhaps...

Time is precious but fleeting

If you miss now, you miss forever...

Love can kill or kiss

My soul aches for your kiss

Come Judas come, kiss me

Keep up your promise

Gratify your mentors

Get the glittering crown for yourself

And let me fulfill myself

Hurry up hurry up

Father waits anxiously for us

With infinite love and grace

surreal poetry

About the author

Arpan Das

Arpan is a Travel Blogger and a Professional Freelance Writer.

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