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My Son Ate a Booger

by Corrin Harris about a year ago in childrens poetry
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My Son Ate a Booger
Photo by Jelleke Vanooteghem on Unsplash

My son ate a booger,

said tasted like sugar,

as I begin to gag on the couch.

I must give him credit,

he doesn’t know etiquette.

As his mom I’m probably a grouch.

But I don’t want to see,

my son who’s not yet three,

Put that shit in his mouth.

I feel that boy moms are tough,

Because we catch the stuff,

They are constantly flinging about.

They pee on the floors,

and slam all the doors,

They are dirty,

and they tend to pout.

But we love them so,

From their heads to their toes.

Because that's what life is about.

childrens poetry

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Corrin Harris

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