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My Sins

by Prolific Thoughts 2 years ago in surreal poetry
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Educated, calculated, urban driven so premeditated

My words speak on my needs. The yearning of compassion I seek. Yet contempt for complacency... idiocy, within my own thoughts, equal a higher equivalency of self doubt. and the need of mental assurities. why do I think this way? Educated, calculated, urban driven so premeditated... is how my thoughts formulate... but yet self destructive driven... crying tears of blood. Through the years and chapters I’ve livin’, Self sorrow hidden. Masked by strength and contempt of failure. The burden of weakness will never be an excuse. To proud to show a heart, not strong enough... to just let go... So I’m here pain filled deeply distraught... pushing through day by day as my demons tear my soul apart....at times glassy eyed, my windows empty... a metaphor for my light, that shines gently... But will it fade nahhhh, to suborn to give in... as I pray for the ones drawn to my dimmed essence.. not to be captivated by my sins!

Prolific Thoughts

surreal poetry

About the author

Prolific Thoughts

I consider my self to be a visually expressive creative able to paint a picture graphically and poetically. From life experiences of love, heart ache and the everyday understanding

Of how I think and move. I hope you enjoy….

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