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My safe space is home

by Liline doliscat 3 days ago in surreal poetry

My comfort zone

This is part of my home

Home is my safe space, it’s where you feel strong to cry , scream and eat your feelings out . When you are hurt and don’t have anywhere to go to you go home , I feel love there , my self esteem is safe , my confidence is high . Home is my best friends who are there for me when I am heartbroken and have no other person to talk to , home is my boyfriend who makes me feel like I don’t need to wear makeup to feel beautiful, and that I need to be comfortable with my natural hair and face . It’s where I went to hide my feelings when I lost my grandma, it’s where I go when I found out my mom was diagnosed with schizophrenia psychosis. Home is not my house I live in , it’s the people around me that makes me feel safe , I never knew I could have a home in the people around me . With the love I have received from all of them it don’t matter where I live or if I even have a house to live in . They my home and that can’t be taken away from me because they my safe space and I want to always keep that with me .

surreal poetry

Liline doliscat

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Liline doliscat
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