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My Mother Taught me my ABCs

An abecedarian poem

By Bri CraigPublished 6 months ago Updated 2 months ago 1 min read
My Mother Taught me my ABCs
Photo by Johann Walter Bantz on Unsplash

Almighty Jesus is the savior of the Good Southern Man,

But the women of the South hum a different tune.

Corporate woman in New York sings hymnals about

Differences in her wages and

Everyone calls her a bitch.


Firstborn daughter becomes secondhand mother.

Good women learn to hold their tongue, and

His mouth hangs open like mosquito bites to

Itch the skin of his sisters.


Jaws can be stitched into a smile after they’ve been

Kicked in. My back molars have pierced the edges of my

Lips once or twice. I thread my own needles the way

My mother taught me how to stay safe in this

Never ending hailstorm - you don't get to

Open the umbrella. You only get used to the



Quiet women are supposed to be safe women, but

Raised fists don’t actually discriminate between

Shouting and silence.

Tears and television sounds.


Understand this - your confidence will be seen as

Vanity. The people around you will attribute the

Wheelhouse of your emotion to a deficit of

Xanax. Momma warned me they'd say:

Your body is not your own in this

Zero sum game.




Thank you!

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Bri Craig

Bri Craig (she/her) is a variety pack writer. She enjoys writing poetry, webcomic features, humor, short stories, and personal anecdotes. Basically, neither of us will ever know what will be posted next!

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Comments (4)

  • Cathy holmes6 months ago

    Wow. That was powerful. Well done.

  • This was so poignantly beautiful! Loved your poem!

  • Hannah Moore6 months ago

    This is fantastic.

Bri CraigWritten by Bri Craig

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