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My Life Was The Size Of My Life

Jane Hirshfield

By Avijit DasPublished 6 months ago 1 min read

My life was the size of my life.

Its rooms were room-sized,

its soul was the size of a soul.

In its background, mitochondria hummed,

above it sun, clouds, snow,

the transit of stars and planets.

It rode elevators, bullet trains,

various airplanes, a donkey.

It wore socks, shirts, its own ears and nose.

It ate, it slept, it opened

and closed its hands, its windows.

Others, I know, had lives larger.

Others, I know, had lives shorter.

The depth of lives, too, is different.

There were times my life and I made jokes together.

There were times we made bread.

Once, I grew moody and distant.

I told my life I would like some time,

I would like to try seeing others.

In a week, my empty suitcase and I returned.

I was hungry, then, and my life,

my life, too, was hungry, we could not keep

our hands off our clothes on

our tongues from


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Avijit Das

Tech enthusiast, article writer, and computer geek passionate about writing informative and engaging content on tech and a variety of other topics.

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  • Dharrsheena Raja Segarran6 months ago

    This was both very profound and thought provoking. Fantastic poem!

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