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My Home Is Like the Perfect Verse Over a Tight Beat

You said you wanted to see inside... Here you go.

By Bianca BeaufordPublished 4 years ago β€’ 1 min read
You have my heart πŸ’€πŸŽΆβ€πŸ–€

I fall in love with lyrics easier than I do with people

Everything I've ever wanted lives inside of a song

I can pour out my soul as I sing a song but I can't give that much depth to a person

My best friend is a love song

So is my worst enemy

I'm afraid that my love will never translate from my soul to another

You see, I love big and I love hard and my love isn't cheap

It comes with a price, are you willing to pay?

My soul feels dead and gone away

Written down in a song that I'll never put to a beat

A melody so fresh and free

My mind wanders there when I feel that need

That urge is just so prominent

So dominant

How do I fill that need without cutting myself open and watching myself bleed

I dance with the Devil on a daily basis just hoping someone will see

But please don't look

My cry for help coming out so loud

Pouring out as screams at others and blame on you for everything that I do

Help me please

Please save me from myself

Help me switch my mind back right and get this monkey off my back

Out of my life out of my mind

I've wasted so much fucking time I've had enough

Time I'll never get back

That I'll never see again

Time that should've been on this pad and pen

I'm hopeful but dopeful just trying to survive

Shit I'd rather thrive and be alive

Do some living while I'm here

Swallow my pride because you can't evolve with fear

Steady evolving moving up to the next level

Are you an angel or are you the Devil?

Do you battle the same state of mind?

I'm on a whole other level but battling with the same Devil

This is NOT a GAME to me, this is my LIFE, what's left of it

It's not strip poker where you play the hand you were dealt

I've gotta make this life happen

Quit sleeping on yourself and your goals

Go tough for what you want

Never settle for less than what you put into it

It's a shame I can't take my own advice

When I look in the mirror


About the Creator

Bianca Beauford

Im not always sure who I am or what I stand for if you're 100% about either there's no room to evolve.Growth is some powerful shit.my mission is to help a few people trudge through the mud. I want to inspire someone to inspire someone else.

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