My Friend, Dear Loving Friend

by Ayesha Javed about a year ago in sad poetry

The darkness in your eyes is but profound, and matches my own.

My Friend, Dear Loving Friend

As I see you now, as you are.

I can only see darkness in your eyes, from afar.

There are demons that you have to fight.

You’ve sometimes found their words to be right.

But from the eyes, the darkness in them, I see.

That one day, so hard will it be, that you’ll beg to be free.

I know I will lose you some day to them.

How much you try say to me “no,” you condemn.

They will take you from me to place far away.

There you will be in a better place, maybe stay.

I can see it like an inevitable car crash.

The cruel light of day is getting, for you, too harsh.

My friend think of me, one last time.

For I need your existence, need you, you're mine.

This may not be a huge consolation.

But see my life within all this damnation.

See how strong it is for you.

See it grow and swell too.

Thought your pain is great, I know.

Don’t do this, away your life you throw.

If I lose you, I will have no strength to continue my fight either.

Let's hold on and lean on each other, for it is both or neither.

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