My Friend and I

by Birdie 6 months ago in surreal poetry

"my thought in poetry"

My Friend and I

I watch the shadows fall,

And In the darkest of them all,

Sits a child waif-like, small

Beneath the hemlock towering tall.

Tis’ the spirit of the night

With eyes starry, twinkling, bright.

Robed In misty moonbeam white

Enchanting, graceful, in mocking flight.

Far away, around the bend

I hear the voice of my friend

A distant, airy lilting blend

The call, a summons without end.

I twirl, bound, answer the cry

Dancing with the wind and sky

Unseen, unknown to human eye

My Friend, spirit of the night and I


I wrote this poem when I was thirteen years old. I remember sitting under the trees in my yard and day dreaming about imaginary friends. It was one of the first not tacky things I have ever written. I hope when you read this it all unfolds within your minds eye.

surreal poetry
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