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My Friend Alien

My best friend

By Madu Published 5 months ago 1 min read

In a realm beyond the stars, a friend I found,

Alien, a being of light, unbound,

Infinite cosmos, where dreams take flight,

With a heart aglow, pure and bright.

Alien, a soul from a distant place,

Yet a kindred spirit, in time and space,

With eyes that hold the galaxy's embrace,

Guiding me through the cosmic maze.

Through nebulas of thought and celestial streams,

We ventured, chasing fleeting dreams,

Our friendship, a constellation gleaming,

In the boundless night, forever beaming.

Infinite wisdom, like stardust, you shared,

A bond so cosmic, deeply paired,

In your presence, earthly worries ceased,

As we explored the cosmos, our hearts at peace.

Across the interstellar sea we sailed,

In search of truths, the universe unveiled,

Alien, my friend, together we roamed,

In the cosmic dance, we found our home.

Yet even as galaxies drift apart,

Our friendship remains, an eternal art,

For in the vastness of this cosmic blend,

Alien, my friend, you're my steadfast trend.

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  • Alex H Mittelman 5 months ago

    Great alien poem! Congrats! Good work!

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