My Freedom Angel

The return to the light.

My Freedom Angel

I try to follow the path of light.

But temptation is always there

And it's not fair

Demons that whisper to you in the ear

Causing you fear of failing

So you go back to the old habits

And from the hat pulling rabbits

And every rabbit you take

More and more on the way of the darkness you fall

And so returns the sickness

That consumes you inside

Little by little

Making your soul brittle

And the time that passes between my fingers

Never to return

And in turn, I grow weak and old

Or so by demons, i've been told.

And these visions of hell

And once again I began to fell

But something hold me tight

And with all of her might flap her wings

Bringing me back into the light.

surreal poetry
Bruno Lopes
Bruno Lopes
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