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My Fear of Being Caged

by Antoinette L Brey 2 days ago in surreal poetry

Gray or Yellow

My Fear of Being Caged
Photo by Nick Nice on Unsplash

Me- my mood is gray The girl who is always smiling "Where is the salsa " they ask "I want some flowers for my girlfriend." I abide But today if I see one more drop of rain No I will not imitate it My mood might go from gray to black Not calm like the night like Maxwell's silver handle Raging inside me And then the dark evening in bright sunlight-wraps around me No more falling liquid glass Should I dip my foot outside my door My in-charge personality still hidden in the clouds The bright yellow ray of life-me Is now more of a blue Hoping the sky will join me The birds are singing But my heart bells are not ringing The hammer has been destroyed crumbling from the lack of frustration The air is cool - a few drops down the mug- I do not drink it in I'm no longer in my self made cage The smile my usual portrait Drawn from inside me Is finally filling my heart again

surreal poetry
Antoinette L Brey
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Antoinette L Brey

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