My Dark Side Coming Untied

by Kayla Marie about a year ago in surreal poetry


My Dark Side Coming Untied

Hey I am back but never have I left you

Creeping around the corner when joy hits you first

I will be the painful release of the joy

You say you will be okay and tomorrow’s another day

I will remind you that everything is hopeless and can get taken away

You plead you don’t want me here it’s clear but I won’t leave that easy

I don’t compare to the physical pain in your back because it’s in your brain

Making you seem like your going insane to other people

Mental illnesses can make you famous

Be on the news running naked in the streets

Fighting the bartender because you got cut off bruh

Screaming at your boyfriend for something so little

They say you are so inconsiderate of other people's thoughts and feelings

You are trying to get yourself together just to be able to talk to them

But instead you yell, why the hell are you yelling at them when they trying to help you out

Just get out you don’t know who I really am

Man mental health isn’t me myself and I

I am who I make myself up to be please I am not a horrible human being

Just lost in my mind every day

Getting those demons away

Sometimes I gotta have that time

I may be silent that is when it’s the loudest

Here and there can’t compare

I am sorry for all that I have done

But my end is not yet to come

surreal poetry
Kayla Marie
Kayla Marie
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