My Brotha...

A Black Man’s Candor

My Brotha...

I wish you could understand

I wish you could understand how generations of “Me” have been gentrified

Gentrified by a genome

Giving us no X-planation Y,

Only to leave my brothers and I mentally castrated.

But we’re not crazy. No, we can’t be

Because of the fact that our ancestors survived slavery

We pay NO MIND to how their methods of survival have influenced the way their children have raised “Me”.


Our only concern,

Is a physical restoration of our lack of reparations through power fist of declarations and marches of reformation

Yet we make no time for respiration

“We gotta keep it movin”

“Get on your knees, pray to (a) God, and you better get your schoolin’

Remember your actions have consequences,

So if you don’t want to feel this ruler;

Do what your told, speak when spoken to, and remember who’s your Ruler”.

This is our genome

The after effects of how trade ships and slave whips have influenced our homes

This is how our people have survived

The manifestation of how we learned to live off the harvest of black men who worked plantations

(Chuckles) You still don’t get it


How the the black MAN was INFECTED by the ways of the plantATION

Who’s pain grew to FESTer from generATION to generATION

Woeful is he who was tasked to feed a nation.

If only he could see his sons now

They’ve all been eating very well

Only because somewhere down the line they realized the mind is not a place one should dwell

We’ve adopted the ways of Willie Lynch

Stone faced about our countenance

Give up the mind to preserve the body, solely out of negligence

Still reaping the seeds that the slave once sowed;

Anger, resentment, dishonor, disgust, hatred, pity, abandonment, mistrust, weakness, insanity, fear, sorrow, doubt, calamity

All these things are damned in “Me”

But I’m not allowed to speak on them

All because I was taught to speak things into in existence

So speaking on these things would prove that they existed

When in reality, it’s just a way to convince myself that I don’t already have a pre-existing condition that was never addressed in the first place...

And It’ll never TRULY be addressed because of how we’ve learned to dress it up

Addressing it would make us feel as though we’re being too petulant, so we conform to modern day slavery in hopes of being seen as “Black Excellence”.

You still haven’t made the connection

Willie Lynch begat Black Excellence

“Forsake the the mind for the appearance of the body”

We only embody Willie’s concepts

“Speak when spoken too, pray to your god,

Remember the one who rules you”

The lessons the slave planted are bearing the most fruit now.

“Make sure you get your schooling”

Learn how they want you to act

Learn what he wants you to say,

Remember how Willie taught you to feel.

Beat these lessons into your sons so they’ll never show enough compassion to your daughters

Which will force them to be too independent as mothers and make them feel unqualified should they ever become fathers.

It’s a cycle of division that’s received little to no revision, thus, generations of “Me” have remained in a constant state of remission.

BEAT this into your sons

And if any should carry on the spirit of Nat Turner

Convince your sons that those men are rule breakers,

So they’ll turn on each other with burners

This is how they’ll keep their neighborhoods warm....

Make sure your sons know the language of your people

Take pride in the names your were given as if they’re terms of endearment

Teach your son to say “my nigga” and he’ll call his sista his “bxtch” and if they forsake their own minds she can join him in being rich

Offer themselves to owners who’ll give them more time to play,

Get used to being branded or labeled to entertained

You can have all this and more so long as you don’t speak what’s on your brain.

The mentality of our sons has influenced the actions of our daughters. Even to this day

Our women a being forced to be self reliant all because our men don’t know what to say

Reasons why our women, Black women, are too often ignored because they refuse to be the image of the black woman we were taught to implore -

Ghetto, boogie, “female” dogs, or whores...

All in hopes of bringing “Me” back to shore but the current generation of “Me” doesn’t feel anything anymore.

But what can I say? This is the lineage of “Me”

The gentrification of my genome

How Willie lynched my mentality in hopes that I’d be more appealing when presented to the Jew-ler who runs the world

So what do I say?

I was taught speak only when spoken to?

And if my state of mind ever came into question,

Should an answer be provided....?

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The Freewill (RDW)
The Freewill (RDW)
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The Freewill (RDW)

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