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"My Blackness" & "SKIN"

by Vernon T. Scott 16 days ago in slam poetry

Short Poems

Flipside of the Cloudy Day by CallMeZaddems

My Blackness

Let me tell you about my blackness

It's strong

It's powerful

It's beautiful

It continues to flourish into greatness

My blackness is birthed and raised and cannot be imitated

My blackness is unconquerable

My blackness is royalty; it's just and proud

My blackness is character, not coon, mammy, or hound

My blackness is not categorized

My blackness cannot be held back and will embrace life and be free

Unless you haven't realized, my blackness is me


What exactly are you afraid of?

Is it the fullness of my lips?

The greatness in my eyes?

Is it the kinks in the hair?

The cornbread in the thighs?

I guess it must not be any of those.

But honestly, what are you afraid of!?

Is it the way I stay strong?

The way I'm unbothered by hate?

slam poetry

Vernon T. Scott

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Vernon T. Scott
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