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My Belly Is Full


By Claire IbarraPublished about a year ago 1 min read

My belly is full with the things I love:

clean, cool water on a hot day–

flowing through pipes into children’s cups.

My belly is full with chocolate kisses dipped in peanut butter,

extra creamy brie, and music

by Nina Simone and Al Green.

I am full with women’s marches, daily actions, and a clear horizon free of smog.

I am full with street tacos and tequila with lime, dancing salsa in a club–

with his hands buried in my pockets as our hips sway.

I am full with #resistance and poetry,

freedom of speech and truth and justice.

Kindness through action and words.

I am full with cash in my purse, you know, money to spend!

I am full with all the decisions that got me here, standing next to you–

child, woman, warrior, and friend.

I am full.

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About the Creator

Claire Ibarra

Claire is the author of Fragile Saints, a novel published by Adelaide Books in 2021. Claire’s poetry chapbook Vortex of Our Affections was published by Finishing Line Press in 2017.

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