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"Murmurs of the Endless"

"Excursions Through Reality"

By Kamran AlamPublished 3 months ago 1 min read

Unobtrusive murmurs in nightfall's hug,

Where shadows dance in immortal beauty.

Fleeting dreams in the vast ocean,

An orchestra of stars is our inheritance.

Limitless reverberations through domains obscure,

In the heart's maze, secrets planted.

Murmurs of insight, antiquated and valid,

Reverberations of forever, ever once again.

Limitless embroidered works of art woven with light,

Each string is a story in the profundities of night.

Quiet orchestras, heavenly workmanship,

Singing the mysteries of each and every heart.

In the quietness between every heartbeat's call,

Reverberations of time everlasting aide all of us.

Through the halls of time, they wander,

Murmurs of the endless lead us home.

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Kamran Alam

"Kamran Alam: Karachi-based Digital Marketing & Content Writer. Crafting captivating narratives and driving online success. Let's elevate your brand's online presence together!"

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    Kamran AlamWritten by Kamran Alam

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