by Jocelyn Selph about a year ago in sad poetry

A Poem About All the People Who Have Done Me in, and Done Me Wrong


You’re just one more person on a very long list of people who have hurt me,

You’re just one more being who has torn me apart and left me for dead,

You’re just one more teardrop that has Fallen into the valley I Dangle over,

You’re not special,

Your actions are not original so don’t feel good for hurting me,

Don’t praise yourself,

Because you're not the first,

And you won’t be the last,

There is nothing special about you at all,

You’re the cars passing by when someone jumps,

You’re the phones that catch it all,

Posting it on social media,

Because you think you're so special,

That you were the only one to catch it,

That you are the one who should be pitied because you had to watch it,

When everyone knows that you could have stopped it,

You and any others could have called 911,

You could have given them help but instead you created the valley of tears and misery that they decided to fall into,

You all are the scars written on their arms,

You all are the trust that will forever be gone,

You were one of the ones who told them to jump,

And one of the ones who pushed them over,

But it wasn’t just you so don’t feel special...


sad poetry
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