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Part 2 Maxine's Secrets

By David ParhamPublished about a year ago Updated about a year ago 2 min read
Photo by Eugene Chystiakov on Unsplash

FBI agents are searching the home of a sitting President

Looking for secret documents

Looking for Joe's stash

Next to the Corvette

In a locked garage

Spare rooms

Thirteen hours looking through his stuff.

Trump, former President, had his home searched too

Looking for anything to connect him to legit crimes

Desperately searching for prosecutable, illegal-to-have

Secret paper

Trump's docs were all in one place, under lock and key

Biden's docs are all over the place, in open boxes

Carelessly thrown on the floor

In offices


Next to the now, infamous Corvette.

The difference between these two searches is

1. They want to put Donald in jail

2. They want to give Joe a pass

The Problem: Politics


Today I had my own search to conduct

Within the confines of six small notebooks

Gina says, take a look at these

Placed on the kitchen table next to my morning coffee

On the cover of each book Max had written, Johnny

Gina said Breakfast coming right up

Waffles, eggs, and bacon.

I said, can't wait

Gina always did breakfast right

Did everything right.

1st page

Max writing: Johnny showed up with his dad, John

John said, I understand a young man can find work here

I was surprised at how good-looking he was, the dad.

A family man with slim links to friends of ours

He played cards once a week in NYC

With Frankie, Melvin, Jimmy

In a back room of Jimmy's bodega

A bad crowd, the three of them

Evil men.

They befriended him, took him in

Made him believe they were harmless

Sharks without teeth

He was careful with his money too

Never bet more than he could pay back

He'd bet his limit and returned to Brooklyn

To his wife and son

Happy family, legit guy

Jimmy said, he had things we wanted like his wife

The wife was good-looking, she could be useful

And we noticed the kid was sharp and teachable

the three of them started reeling him in.


Every gambler has his price

And they found John's price.

2nd Page

It started small a couple dollars here, a few dollars there

Just enough to keep him in the game

With the tiniest bit of interest cause hey, we gotta eat too

When he was into them for two thousand they came calling

We need our money John

At first he tried to gamble his way out; didn't work

The interest was adding up

Final offer: Your wife or your kid

He didn't have to guess what his wife would be used for

What about the boy?

Give him to Max.

social commentaryslam poetryperformance poetry

About the Creator

David Parham

Writer, Filmmaker, Digital artist.

The ever Changing Complexities of Life, Fear, Mysteries and Capturing that which may not be there Tomorrow.

Complex, Change, Fear, Mystery, Tomorrow & Capture. Six reasons I write.

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