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Maxine's Notes

By David ParhamPublished 2 years ago 1 min read
Photo by Joanna Kosinska on Unsplash

Gina was in the kitchen unloading shopping bags full of

Small spiral notebooks

The kind of notebooks you'd buy in a grocery store

Each one had a date written on the cover.

A subject line under the date

For Example March 15, 1987


Born today on this date

Happiest day ever, love my baby.

Gina said I got these at my mom's house

I found them everywhere, in cupboards, drawers,

Under furniture

What are you going to do with them, sweetheart?

She said, read them, try to make sense of my mom's life

Is she such a mystery

She wasn't like other moms

She never went to work but always had a lot of money

Was she living on alimony, child support from your dad

What dad?

Never knew my father

I wasn't lucky like you, born with both parents

We can't help where we're born, Gina

I know, I'm not trying to be mean to you, Johnny

God knows you helped me out

She wrapped her arms around me and then a long slow kiss

Always here for you babe

She broke away and said, I'm getting distracted

I need to have a sit down with Max

Not possible if I'm kissing you all-day

If I know some of her secrets then she can't just say,

I dunno or blow me off

Are you sure you want to know her secrets?

I'm ready.


performance poetrysurreal poetrysocial commentaryslam poetry

About the Creator

David Parham

Writer, Filmmaker, Digital artist.

The ever Changing Complexities of Life, Fear, Mysteries and Capturing that which may not be there Tomorrow.

Complex, Change, Fear, Mystery, Tomorrow & Capture. Six reasons I write.

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    David ParhamWritten by David Parham

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