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Mum's a boss

by POETSKY about a year ago in social commentary
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mum's a boss

sacrificed and lost

dues paid, and stoically

covered the costs

though problems are rife

her exhibit is strength

doctors said her life

wouldn't reach to this length

born with an atrial septal defect

"hole in the heart"

her own mother, not perfect

was rough from the start

sees ways, and means

she doesn't claim defeat

as tough as they come

still her love so sweet

she fights through, any obstacle

with sheer determination

at Royal Brompton hospital

she is, an inspiration

with acclaim and adoration

she powers on, and powers through

also an inspiration

in our whole, family too

mother stays cool

never played, the fool

made sure we had books

made sure we went to school

far from her experience

her own mother, cruel

a punchbag, a scapegoat

an insurance claim, a tool

world book encyclopedias

and, speak and spell

taught me more than social media

she did us, very well

working those fingertips

down to the bone

cooking great meals

turning house, into home

"early to bed, early to rise,

makes you healthy, wealthy and wise"

a simple phrase, she said at times

which opened up my eyes

science says the same

and I'm inclined, to listen

keen to understand

my circadian rhythm

she taught me, how to cook

and understand the kitchen

mum was so real

when preparing, my thinking

"make sure you wash behind your ears"

or "make your bed"

there was always a logic

to the things that she said

Sundays, and holidays

we had the whole spread

drink, smoke and drugs

never entered, her head

too busy homemaking

and building, our world

"life is too short"

another one of her "pearls"

"stop going, and go"

could be a millitary quote

she's a serious woman

although, she does enjoy a joke

I'm sure I learned, a thing or two

about, bobbing and weaving

she showed me, what was right and wrong

before the age, of leaving

self disciplined

and she handed it down

tracked me down

when I was acting, like a rat, around town

could have killed her, at birth

stressed her out, in my teens

still showed me, my worth

taught us, what love means

she'd put some extra dumplings

in the soup

especially, for me

because, I didn't like the chicken neck

knowing something

would take root

in my growth, both physically

and in respect

she took a rain cheque

on all vices and pleasures

choose to dedicate her life

instead, to its treasures

was a time I went to work, with her

cleaned offices, all night

emptied bins, and sanitized

everything in sight

the lessons, that my mother taught

ended to be right

she's a homeowner

and, I tend to be alright

my mum has her own way

of calling my name

in good company

if someone, calls me the same

from "it doesn't worth it"

to "every mickle, makes a muckle"

to something light hearted

and said with a chuckle

mum's wisdom, was key

to my early development

safeguarded me

from all types of derailment

she never gave up

stopping me, from going bad

never, ever, came between

me, and my dad

although, she never knew her dad

for most of her life

she wouldn't put us through

that sort of pain and strife

she did it all by herself

"your health, is your wealth"

my mother taught me how

to take care of myself

a favourite aunty, and sister

an endeared grandmother

a highly esteemed friend

and we all, love each other

she's juggled, and hustled

to make ends meet

bustled and rustled

for bills paid, and food to eat

she's done a great job

with her life so far

that's why, my mum's a boss

she's a... Superstar!


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