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by Sherah Mahaffey 5 months ago in slam poetry
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Growing up behind my eyes

Little me

She grew up lost in a world full of hate

Bombarded with thoughts of confusion by her race

She played with everyone not noticing their skin

Never did she think anything different of them

Until one day when everything changed

Look at my mother she has such fair skin

My sisters with eyes of the ocean so blue

with freckles that dot their face like sparkly glue

Always noticed by everyone in the crowd

But look at me I’m just all brown…

My dad from the Middle East

His eyes stark as a raven

He stood tall and broad and spoke another language

I’m always with my cousins from both parents side

My cousins from my moms side always call me exotic

But my cousins from my dads side always say I’m Caucasian

Stuck between these two perceptions

I’m always looking for approval

Never knowing exactly what I need to hear to make me feel better

I try to be myself as always

Though I find myself hiding in my humor

I make you laugh, to close your eyes so you can’t see me

Just hear who I am without judging my exterior

Now that I’m older I finally understand

I’m lucky enough to come from multiple lands

It’s not my blood that defines me

It’s who I am inside

I’m funny

I’m smart

I’m honest

I’m kind

I’m curious

I’m cautious

I’m always on the grind

Family over everything, each and every one of them

I need not the approval from a race, yet I need approval from myself in this case

I am who I am and I love every part

Being multiracial is my favorite part.

slam poetry

About the author

Sherah Mahaffey

I have always been a closet poet.

I love writing poetry, however I have never opened up to the world with my words until now.

Please feel free to read and enjoy, also tips are very much appreciated.💕

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  • Faith Webb4 months ago

    Amazzinggg I love your poems. Your so talented❤💯🔥

  • Grace M. 5 months ago

    This is amazing I’m obsessed with your poems/passion for writing 😭❤️ You are most definitely kind,smart, beautiful and so much more 🥺🖤

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