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Moths of Summer

by Neil Heddings 5 years ago in inspirational / social commentary
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Lonesome Days In A World Apart

Like Biggie


Sewing alligators on his shirts,


I got a baby lizard

On my collar, and

Spiders on my

Window sill.

Like Kurt Cobain

They've all become my pets.

Soon the weather’s gonna change

Outside my same window

Bringing whispers of a chill.

The skys still blue

With smoke trails from the jets

Polluting us on by.

Winter will pay us

It's visit yet.

And take away with it

It's flies and the

Moth's of summer.

What then will I

Feed my pets?

Will they too go away?

Will they then


Come back again?

They are free to go

And come as they please.

The bars of my cell

Weren't made to

Contain these

Just me.

Like Johnny Cash

I'll sing

Those prison blues.

inspirationalsocial commentary

About the author

Neil Heddings

Star I write so I can learn to live with who I am without destroying myself as punishment. Learn to love yourself if you ever hope to love at all.

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