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Motherhood Spayed

In memory of every peanut butter and jelly you swore I would grow sick of, but I never did.

By Cali LoriaPublished 3 months ago 1 min read
Motherhood Spayed
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Triangle cuts down to the crust

creature of habit

gobsmacked by trust

cut my teeth on the seeds

kept the crunch too

everything I ever learned

was informed by you

spread yourself thin

made my lunch at the dawn

a mothering hen

sole identity your spawn

and what was your worth

if you worked

so you wived

I question if your motherhood

felt like a half life

now my own kids want packaged

there’s no nourishment to spread

in this age of convenience

stay at home mother role dead

lost to two income necessity

a career I despise

and like you had warned me

my sweet tooth went straight to my thighs

and in some far off factory

where uncrustables are made

I wonder if technology

is new motherhood spayed

what I wouldn’t give

for just one more pb and j

to get back the moments

where you told me stories for play

you created a writer

and a fiend for sticky messes

trying to do every task right

in hand me down dresses

was it easier then

or is it easier now

to meditate on smuckers

lost to time eternal

like that kiss to my brow


About the Creator

Cali Loria

Over punctuating, under delivering.

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    Cali LoriaWritten by Cali Loria

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