Mother, May I


Mother, May I

The utter indifference

Of your cold stare;

Words spoken with no meaning.

You left me blind,

In a world of fools.

When I cried,

You never came.

The helping hand was

Never yours

That lifted me from the

Grasp of demons.

Mother, May I

Sleep, dream, live?

No, no, sweet daughter,

Better to stay away,

In the closet I have placed you.

Father's anger is righteous;

Sister shines brightly;

Brother is golden glitter.

Let the air collapse

Those tireless lungs as you scream.

But Mother, May I

Leave, escape, die?

No, no, sweet daughter,

Suffer through these

Harsh cruelties given by my hand.

And when you runaway,

Let it be known to all

That I tried to fix you,

Even as I broke you down

To bone dust.

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