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Mother Breath

cuddling with the Divine

By Cezarina TronePublished 8 months ago 1 min read
Mother Breath
Photo by William Randles on Unsplash

And every time you rush

you forget this moment

of being held and kept

in the womb of the mother.

As you move and live

within this warm embrace,

this is true cuddling time

with the Divine.

Can't you see?

She offers herself to you

as the Breath of this moment

and the next moment and the next.

She is the best lover I know.

The mask of Existence... she wears it well,

so well that it brings tears of joy to my eyes

and it makes my heart flutter.

And I cannot stop but fall in love

even more with my mother breath.


About the Creator

Cezarina Trone

Writing a new world into existence, bringing magic, ease & wholeness to others 'making them light up from the inside'. Apart from writing, I dedicate all my time facilitating sound therapy and quantum energy sessions: www.cezarinatrone.com

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