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Mother and Child

by Antonia Cameron 5 years ago in childrens poetry
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My Son

He was born of song when he came forth

My only child of joy in magnificence

Oh! If I only could know your future

To proceed in life with such unabashed innocence

He was born of joyous crystal rivers

A wonderful chiming song as clear as I've imagined time

In the face of his utter purity

My once loved melodies can only mime

Never have I come anywhere close to knowing such

Whole-hearted unconditional love

With all there ever will be and without very much

This day my bleak world the truth has touched

From the deepest recesses of space rings beauty, wonder, light

Harmonies trickled, poured then gushed

The moment his crying hushed

However could I not have known

However had I lived my life

In a world where he was not born

With no knowledge that nothing was right

Now everything revolves his form

He is clearer in essence then anyone else

He is the eye while we are the storm.

childrens poetry

About the author

Antonia Cameron

I'm 21 and I've always written. I just don't believe loving a career path could be enough to make it come true and my son comes first

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