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Moon Shine on the Rock

I spent my youth looking up at the rock

By Fred LooneyPublished about a year ago 1 min read
Moon Shine on the Rock
Photo by Ataberk Güler on Unsplash

Moon Shine from on high

Lights the steady symbol of Time

Our ROCK tops the ridge.

nature poetry

About the Creator

Fred Looney

My first lifetime, I wrote in the language of computers. Now, in my "Retirement" I want to express my thoughts and feelings to other humans.

Please join me in this new adventure while I explore what I have been hiding in my subconscious.

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  • Fred Looney (Author)about a year ago

    Unfortunately, this photo is not of the Rock and the mountain that I write about. My memories are of Bluefield West Virginia and East River Mountain. The mountain dominates the southern view from anywhere in the Bluefield area and my eye is always drawn to a huge Rock the was the object of daydreams and hiking adventures. A timeless reminder of how the mountain and it's many features are forever.

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