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Moon Games

by Jennine Donier 3 years ago in nature poetry

Peekaboo Moon Playing Hiding Games

Misted moon plays peekaboo among the clouds.

Moon Games

Copyright: October 13, 2007

The Harvest moon began its rise in dusk of eves sky;

An orb of soft colored gold, It arose big and bold.

As I made my way homeward it began to play hide "n" seek;

Slipping below a mountain ridge then rising for a peek.

Sliding below a mountain edge, then playing peek a boo;

along a tree-lined ridge. It laughed at me as it

shone above the span of a long covered bridge.

Finally, it sank out of sight behind a darkened knoll;

Until I saw its shining face reflected in a water rill.

Then slowly it arose to hang magnificent in the ink black sky

illuminating with its golden eye; caught in the eye of a doe.

In bejeweled shards of light reflecting back like millions of diamonds

Fallen to the earthen floor below.

nature poetry
Jennine Donier
Jennine Donier
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Jennine Donier

Associate Pastor of Ekklesia Church of God New Covenant Saints, Mother of 4, grandmother of 19 and great great grandmother of 5. Writer, photographer, wife, , homemaker. Retired Teacher's Aide. Entrepreneur, Grief and Marriage Counselor

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