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Money Money Money Moneeeeey!!!

by An 2 years ago in surreal poetry

Everybody wants some.

Aaaaar , money.

Wouldn’t mind a barrel of it really, especially now that it’s the festive season.

That would be a Christmas gift to remember!

So if anyone has a spare million, I’ll take it!

Everything wrong in this word is about money.(Or most of it).

They say that you can see the true colors of someone if the get a big amount of money that could change there life.

Now they got the power, and they can do whatever they want.


I wonder how many people would run for the mountains with it and think only about them selves , or if they would give a helping hand to someone in there life that is in need?

“Money comes money goes”.

One of the best frases I’ve heard this year.

Money is unfortunately just a necessity in order to survive and nothing else.

Money can’t bring you health or happiness.

Money can’t bring you your loved ones back.

Money can’t bring your mothers warm hug or your child’s first words.

We need to start understanding that ASAP.

We are all gonna end up in the same place , approximately 2 sexy meters of dirt and yes its true ,if you got billions or 2$ in your bank account it won’t make a difference....

You will definitely get a fancy casket though if you had the billions!

So , be happy for the life you have ,whatever it is.

A lot of money, a bit of money, or even enough for what you really need.

Enjoy every moment as if it’s your last and stop worrying about the mula!

Money is just what you need to live in this life and you probably could live without it if you really had to.

surreal poetry


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