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Mommy's Pride And Joy

A mother's love surrounds her child effortlessly.

By Silena Le BeauPublished 12 months ago 1 min read

To conceive is a beautiful thing,

that is life changing indeed.

It is truly a spectacular miracle,

For any woman to produce and bear a child.

It is a great humbling experience,

That I am so grateful for.

I carried you for nine months,

And you were so good to me.

Every step of the way,

Pregnancy and delivery were so smooth.

Every day was so easy it was unreal,

To others who witnessed around me.

The bond we share is so strong,

And I love you with every single fiber

Of my being deep within my soul.

Sincerely, mommy.

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About the Creator

Silena Le Beau

She expresses her gift of writing through each piece. She studied writing in college and has been inspiring people for 20 years. She gives back to the community & enriches them with enlightenment. Philanthropist, Empath and Nature lover.

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