by Skylar Cribb 3 years ago in slam poetry



Look in the mirror

and hate what you see once you realize

you aren't the person you want to be

Hate has taken over your soul

searching for love in all the wrongs holes

your life is a mess of coping mechanisms and high

but go out and try to get laid one more time

forget about family and friends

you buddy heroin is here till the end

screw your life let's start stealing

he whispers in your ear he just wants a feel

you plea no, but the monster says kneel

this isn't the life you want this isn't the life you were given

you fall on your knees

repeat after me

this is

the end.

slam poetry
Skylar Cribb
Skylar Cribb
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Skylar Cribb

This is how I choose to control what's going on inside my soul

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