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by Christian Koller about a month ago in surreal poetry

A poem a day: Day 14

I can see that you’re coming from a broken heart

Let me be the christening, a new start

What’s the name, the sound that you’re calling in?

Freshening and confident: mint.

Walk the path to the edge of this world.

The stars show in daylight, night unfurled.

To the mountains and oceans and rivers,

Heaven’s gaze on the ones who shiver.

And if you find me out of this place

Where clouds lay below us, on it’s face.

Where planets and comets are the bugs we swat away.

For one thing we ask, as they hear us pray.

I can see that you’re coming from a broken heart

Wrapped in cloth, in a bed, never to depart

There’s entire existences in your skin

Momentary, eternal: mint.

surreal poetry
Christian Koller
Christian Koller
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Christian Koller

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