Mind of a Syrian Child

The Affected Generation

Mind of a Syrian Child

What happened to the world I grew up knowing?

What happened to the world where we all cared for each other?

Children put through so much pain

Traumatized by things they have no part in.

Sons witnessing his father's death

Daughters crying over their mother's corpse

But still, the world remains silent

Shush, they don't make a sound

It doesn't affect them so it is not their business

Where is Humanity?

I thought over 100000 people are born every second

But did we lose humanity, like a chopped off umbilical cord?

Everyone stands still and these wars happen

While wars merchants dancing to the tune of how much money is made

From the sale of war weapons, a bundle of infidel disgrace

Everyone needs to visit the optician

But first in line would be these so-called politicians

After they must have been given hearing aids

Do they not hear our cries?

Do they not see our chopped off arms?

What are we?, Definitely not humans

Booom, bombs drops another child dies

But because they are not related to powerful people, the world doesn't care?

No awareness as I dress my own wound

When would the world realise that there is no gain in all these

I am a Syrian child, hiding while writing this

Who knows? this might be the last time you hear from me.

Not because am too little to be heard

But because even before another violence errupts, I would probably be dead.

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Harydo Neon
Harydo Neon
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