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By Haychie_Artist

By Haychie_ArtistPublished 5 months ago 1 min read
Photo by Natasha Connell on Unsplash

I’m just me just doing me

Sitting down & viciously

Thinking all the things to write….

Better not be dismally

Call It boring willingly

Write my disses skill fully

Like a dog I have the bite….

Shutting down the gimmickry

Change my flow so you can hear

Bring your ear come sit right here

Pay attention what I say….

On my rhymes I have no fear

With my gear I wear No Fear

Cos I love the atmosphere

Helps my mood everyday….

Rather smile than shed a tear

Found a way to have my say

On these beats I’m Dr Dre

Use my hand I know I’m right….

Perfect way to write that nay?

Every day I had to pray

For a way & far away

Making duas the times I write….

Show a way to have my say

Grateful always for my blessing

Helped me out from all the stressing

Deep Inside I have the fight….

Stay away cos I ain’t messing

Had to learn from all my lesson

Back In school them boys confessing

Wasn’t me I took the flight….

On a plane for final session

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About the Creator


I’m a new artist from London.

Writing and Rhyming Is In my heart.

Voice for the voiceless.

Instagram: @haychie_artist08

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