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by Ebony Taylor 2 months ago in slam poetry

By: Ebony Taylor


There is a method to the madness

I think in maniacal paralells contrarian to the fact

Your side, My side somewhere in the mosh pit lies the truth

Foreshadowing outcomes with clarity and tact

Maneuvering around with minimal damage inside this big blue cell

Welcome to Babylonian Plain sight hell

Where the odds against you are purposefully stacked

Sheeptality clamoring to be immersered further into enslavement

Ignorance adored; folks walkin dead chasin pavements

Insurmountable fears ready to take flight

Follow the asshole in front is the program

Freedom does not compute

Liberation is blasphemy if you speak it in their presence

They will run to Massa like their ass in on fire to tell Massa on you

Worthless the lot of them we wont need them to rise from the ashes

We just have to identify and remove like weeds

I digress, say less

What beast will you feed?

Which lane will you hit top speed?

The catacombs of life be damned

Humanity should be the universal creed

Accord harmoniously Strummed on the same frequency

Elevated in Nature fortified unity, bigger picture frame

Energy pointed upward collectively

Cocked, loaded and ready to reign...

slam poetry
Ebony Taylor
Ebony Taylor
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Ebony Taylor

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