= Milotopa =

Mother of all children ( μητέρα όλων των παιδιών ) mitéra ólon ton paidión

= Milotopa =

Mother of all children ( μητέρα όλων των παιδιών )

mitéra ólon ton paidión

= Milotopa =

Vanesea Alexander

A mortal without morals ,

The fire for their desire

Zeus tricked for a mortal’s desire

Fire triggers his anger

Revenge for the win of challenging the mighty all the Olympus’s kaiser

Who believes there is no mortal with moral

He is sure in great denial

Of a mortal with a warm heart and moral

There is a fairest of all maiden unlike her beauty her whole life is tragic

a curse sometimes mystic.

She had it all ,

though everything scatter to pieces as her husband leaves her

A beauty who is a barren she is infertile.

She is one of the fairest kinds of beauty mortals have ever seen, everyone wonders how amazing her life has been lookism is everything. No one else sees the kind of hell she is living. But as lovely as it is only Hestia knows what is the inside of her household, the fireplace is cold without the children’s laughter, it was there yet it is now all gone. A cry of a woman near the window—Milotopa is her name, a beauty barren.

The cause of her sorrow begins from her unfaithful husband , who left away to marry a young maiden who torn her household apart.” What a barren like you could do ! ------- I never wanted to adopt another man's child------ you must never have wanted to have a child, or you would have one ! or maybe god knew you wouldn’t have made a good parent” Milotopa’s reason to live her life is her family: husband and son.

Despite being a barren ,

Milotopa loves Elpida dearly ,

They are not blood related

But Elpida is sure know that he is beloved

The day turns to dawn as Milotopa looks through the window ,

her mortal and foster child Elpida who plays outside

The dawn turns night and Elpida have no sign to be anywhere insight

The night changes to a new day , Milotopa observes expectantly

But the house and fireplace is still anguished, cold and empty

No sound of children’s laughter or the radiating smile from his beauty

Milotopa went out the house , where she looks for her son and found nothing but her regular rice field front yard. Where Elpida last play surrounded by the paty fields , She calls and cried out to Demeter as heart to heart , as a mother whose children has been lost and taken. “ Where is my son have you seen him , Elpida is his name Demeter” .

Elpida and Persephone

Their similarity

is their radiating smile as a key

The only time their eyes , and tear could form the sea

They both went missing and one one sees

The only apple of their mother’s eyes

One mistake for being unsupervised

Their mother cries blaming themself this could end otherwise

And now both their mothers have to say goodbyes

Persephone for 182 days and Elpida dies

Demeter is no good to find his son, the only favor she could offer is bringing her to the underworld to meet the underworld master and soul keeper Hades. There sits Persephone and Hades at the throne , with the list names of souls in the underworld. The truth untold Elpida is not being kidnapped to the underworld despite being in the underworld . The cause of death is murder charged by his step dad and Milotopa’s ex husband pushed off the cliff as a homicide.

Elpida knows the truth of his originality , despite everything he love his mother as much , A minor who almost start his youth which he never lived ( end up living ) . His raven hair and midnight inky eyes that is filled with innocence and untainted , he never touched evil , darkness and sins , like how Persephone did.His last request to his mother is no more than a letter which he relegates to Persephone to be sent to his mother once summer or spring when she goes back to Demeter’s arm .

Dear , my beautiful mother

A beautifully selfless and sacrificial creature

I’m dearly sorry for never reaching to you sooner

Let this letter be my beautiful last farewell goner

Thank You for all your great contribution mother

When you hold back those pair of eyes filled your tears under

Dear , mama

You can lean on me now , always beside me

And I will be beside you, you are not alone anymore ,

Under my wings I took you under

I will make sure I pull you closer ,

You , the selfless angel whom become my shelter

Thank You for the breath you cater

I’ll become a flower and be your flower path

Now you can rely on your son and just smile

your son , who would be your sun , moon and your stars Elpida

However the time comes sooner than Persephone nor Elpida thinks , as Persephone saw Demeter and Milotopa in the underworld ,she hands over the confined letters to Milotopa.The letter thawed Milotopa, Persephone and Demeter .Milotopa pleads to Hades to be given a second chance to reclaim her son’s life .

“ He gave me the courage to live ,

we met each other beyond all time

The only thing I had is him ,

And all I am is his ,

so now how we do ?

Is there anything Ii can do ?

This fragile love stabs me like a spear , I want to hold my dear one more time ,

I don’t want him to disappear ,

Erases his sorrow and fears,

Protecting him before streams of tears run down his face

Despite our soul aparted place , His meaning can never be replace

I would sacrifice , for both our soul and heartbeat stays in the same phase”

Hades is indecisive and the outnumbered “public opinion is a permeating influence”- Walter Bagehot , as a balance and fair thinker he keeps in mind that the most popular opinion does not mean the right one.

Hades gives a consignment for Milotopa to carry a petite and beautiful chest box , with a catch “ You should keep walking straight until you go out of the underworld . Hand this box to the person the way leads you to , there is a catch . First of all , whatever happened or whatever you see you must never look back to the road you took . Second of all , you must not touch , peek or drop the box in any means or your mission will fail, you can only walk back through the road you took if you fail your obstacle”

Milotopa takes the chest and start her conquest

To the way he addressed

Almost all the obstacles she had walked and processed

Half of her journey to her conquest has been surpassed

Hades whom witness notices and and got impressed

She tackles all the manifestly tackles all those obstacle in the conquest

Hades hurdles her from a slight detest put her into a harder test

A mother’s weakness that he knows is going to make her oppressed

She is holding the chest tight to her bosom , heart beating that goes crazy , heart thumping loudly. The way stops at the edge of a cliff. But she is not the only one here at the path in this conquest. Her eyes are glued noticing a young boy with the perceptible raven hair, his body faces and leans to the cliff it is surely Elpida. Elpida is being brought back by Hades’s detest a recap of how Elpida died. Elpida leans his body to the cliff and falls into the cliff. Any mother would never stand helplessly witnessing their son’s death in front of their eyes.

Milotopa hurries to save her son’s life

Her heart loved him so much even when his spirit is in the after life

At the edge of a cliff

His state of condition in a critical riff

Milotopa stiffs

She drops the box and grip his hand ,

Before he slips down the cliff and end

Tight grip around his hip as she welcomes him back to motherland

She wailed out the words she never get a chance to say ,her words are articulating her wail to her son

“ So when I told you ,

That loving you almost make life worth it to live,

I was not kidding .

When loving you , it almost made me forget

How much regret and how much i hate myself

Loving you is taking all the love , I can never give myself

And putting it into a good use ..

That if someone can love a dying this this way..

If someone can kiss the scars

Absorbing the bad day , shine like the stars

Numb the pain , and administer the pills

Then Ii can try to breathe again.

Because self love does not come first second or maybe ever

But the way Ii love , and the way your love

Be the flowers you brought ___

Because even though , they are dying too

They still dance

Because even if love won’t heal me

Or slate myself clean

All the words Ii said are ones i truly mean

Your love is my only place to lean

Even if our love is not what other mortal have ever seen or been.”

A gloomish atmosphere , Milotopa and her son are mourning for goodbyes .They walk the path Milotopa took and returns to face Hades in the underworld.Demeter , Persephone ,Milotopa and Elpida impression sensing the grieve.Hades is a principled god to be lawful , impartial , equal and reasonable Hades sent her and Elpida to face Zeus who is known for his principled and fair god of the gods whom is the allegedly the proprietor of the chest.

Zeus sitting on his throne attentively listening to Milotopa whom clear oneself .She admits guilt and ask forgiveness , she tells a crucial demonstration and illustrating her whole story and incident , she and her son get down on their knees as they beg pardon.

Zeus considers her honesty and his sympathetic and prudent feeling towards her.He is apprised of her selfless and her sacrificial love to her son , her morals as a mortal that he never seen in a mortal , he wants to honor her kind hearted morals .His lawful title have to straighten the justice over the fault she commits , she fails to look after and secure his box , he would still be a fair and judicious kaiser.

Zeus final conclusion is a reward and a jinx that he presented to her.

“ The first mortal with a moral

Your whole life as a loving mother

A beauty barile ,

Your love to your son is unstoppable

However you failed me in one matter

The box that you neglect , and fails to protect

I will give you a reward and a sanction

A reward to be a goddess , the goddess mother of all children”

Hera and Aphrodite the symbolism owner of the Pomegranate that represents fertility , presents the honour of feeding her the special pomegranate which gains her a title of a goddess and immortality.And the curse he presents like he did to Persephone and Demeter.

“ The box you dropped was never meant to be dropped

Contains the collection unending series of atrocious and horrendous series of spirits once it is unfold

It contains all the curse that the mortals are acquiring once it is unlocked”

“I simply never thought of any mortal with a moral

Until Milotopa who is a beauty barile

I am punishing you for a while

Elpida is not going to live in the underworld

He is part of a pay back to all the mortal caused by Prometheus betrayal”

“The blinding gift of mankind

A beautiful box that looks refined

I’m the mastermind

The inside of the box will remain unkind

Would kill them to find out of their unconscious mind

I would compromise your punishment with a catch on it

You changed my mind

To not kill and punish the whole human kind

Elpida will be assigned

To represent the meaning of his name to be kind

He is only chance he is hope among the unkind

You and him are one of a kind

You will be separated until he came out of the chest

And the only way is for one assigned mortals Pandora to fail her test ”

Their souls will be separated

Everyday she waited for the time to be fated

Her son’s homecoming to be united

_____________________________Epilogue _________________________________________

Hope in the box

Is a wonderful surprise

It is a way Zeus to compromise

To Milotopa , Pandora , mortals , and Prometheus

And so Pandora’s journey

Is the one who might set Elpida free

This is the origin of a little good in all the misery

Elpida is the hope to the witchery and trickery

Both good and bad will arose

Elpida will entitle as heroes

All depending on Pandora’s curiosity chose

Once the chess opens Elpida will return to his mom's arm , a place he abodes

He serves the morals by giving hope to propose

To help all the mortals battle all the spirits sorrow

Give them a chance to rebuild and re grow

He mutters the same words everyday , a wish to his mother to wait for his homecoming ,

“I want you to believe me,

I’ll come get you



It is certain a mayday

Await for me until i call that day as today -”

And so , he abide to the day ,

When Pandora disobey -

and so this is the nativity of the little hope in the accursed box .

Looking pretty and nice outside , but deadly inside.


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