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by Brenton F about a month ago in heartbreak
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a collision of smaller worlds...

you came into my life

like a fireball on lsd

in your little red mini

and your “fuck em” attitude

i keep thinking of that night

you came right up and smiled

like a million rays of suns at once

and then you sat next to me

you slayed my awkward

right then and there

you said “one of us had to do it

i felt so shy i wanted to die

but you were sitting next to me

i could smell your perfume

as you leaned into me

you held my hand

you touched my face

i could have died happy then

i thought my racing heart would betray me

i was touching you

we burned so brightly

we burned so hot

and then…

…our time was up

now all of my tomorrows

i tint sadly with yesterday’s

don’t know why you had to leave

don’t know why you wouldn’t stay

don’t know why we crashed

don't know why we burned

but somewhere in all that mess

there was something we both learned

i took the lesson to heart

now i don't know what or how to feel

don’t know what to say or do

or how much of this is real

don’t know how i feel much now

or anything at all

everything I had

i gave to you


About the author

Brenton F

Greetings from Melbourne Australia. This is me shedding some of my light on the places that are not often frequented. Maybe add a smidge of dark humour or a wee dose of irony and fuel it all with a strong flat white


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