Mere Image

What do you see?

Mere Image

If you were surrounded by mirrors, forced to glare at yourself, would you be able to face your own judgment?

To the woman in the mirror:

I will end this mentality of yours; being confident, but in a mirror insecure

I see and define you as weak when I know better; that's why I cry

With what I've been through, what I see, contradicts what's inside

It's just the moment I see you, I want to break down

When I take a look, I feel unworthy of a crown

And that's why I will break you, my mental, mirror entity

I refuse to be my own worst enemy

And I swear, I won't stop swinging til you shatter

And leave the facade pieces of me scattered

And stained, with the blood of someone who will no longer be defined by their mere image

performance poetry
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Terowi Marshall

Art is life. With each poem I write, there’s a piece of me in every one

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