Mērā Parivāra

by Dhanesh Mistry about a year ago in inspirational

My Family

Mērā Parivāra

There's something I need to say,

And it's going to be sad.

I'm about to say bye,

And I'm feeling really bad.

I never thought this would happen,

And in no way am I glad.

But I need to fix up,

To stop me going mad.

This is very emotional,

As I need to say bye.

Not forever,

But until I'm back on a high.

You've always got me,

Through thick or thin.

We've got this family,

Which I will never bin.

I've lost a partner,

But gained a family.

I'll always stay loyal,

As I love you all equally.

I hope you understand,

That times have been tough.

I can honestly say,

I've finally had enough.

Certain things I wanted,

Certain things are strange.

I've tried my hardest,

But her mind won't change.

So I'm saying bye,

For a while, my loves.

I need to sort stuff out,

And do something I'm proud of.

I'll still pop over,

Hungover in a hoodie.

And sit by your side,

Eating watermelons with cookie.

If I get hungry,

I'll call you mum.

As I must say,

Your pronteh's are yum.

No matter how crazy,

And in games, you're a cheater,

I'll see you soon,

To win against Alisha.

Although you're cat mad,

And can be a bit of a diva.

Your honest and humble,

And a bit silly Anita.

I know it's been hard,

For me and for you.

But never forget,

I'll always love you!

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