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Mental Health

by Victoria Gudbranson 5 years ago in sad poetry / surreal poetry / inspirational
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Defining Perfection

Mental Health...

It is a part of me I wish I understood

Nonetheless, others refuse to

Contemplating my existence

Whether or not this is the definition of me

Or simply an attribute

Wondering if everyone is against me

Or if its all in my head

If I am really feeling this way

Or if it is just a way of life

I dreamt what life would be like

If I did not think this way

Lost and Incomplete


Those are what come to mind

For the longest time

I strived for perfection

Yet, all this time I was staring right at it

My reflection was enough

To symbolize my strength and courage

Reasoning as to my existence


sad poetrysurreal poetryinspirational

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Victoria Gudbranson

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